Notification Items

About Notification Items

Notification Items represent the individual notification popups that a user sees when the application is active.

Each Notification Item has its own specific settings that you can override from the default.

The data that’s behind each Notification Item is also backed by a single one-to-one relationship with an ActionFeed Event (which can be an order or a product record from Shopify).


Similar to Notification Feeds, Notification Items have settings that you can override on an individual basis. To access the individual item settings, click on the notification you want to edit and its associated settings panel will appear on the right.

Currently, you can modify:

Duration of the notification

You may wish to have a specific notifications display longer than the rest. Remember, all numeric timing settings are specified in milliseconds (1000 millisecond equals 1 second).

Hide this item

You can exclude certain items from showing in the feed by hiding them.

Modifying the data

At this time, you can’t modify the underlying data. We’ll be releasing a feature soon where you can modify the underlying data.

Data is updated when ActionFeed receives a signal from Shopify that the order or product is updated.

Some gotchas to know:

  • Product title updates are not performed on previous orders. This means that if an order shows Product X as having a title of “Widget” and you rename Product X to “Widget v2”, orders placed at the time Product X was initially called “Widget” will remain as “Widget”.
  • Synchronization happens in the background as soon as Shopify notifies ActionFeed of a change. In certain cases, ActionFeed may not receive a signal at all from Shopify. A feature will be added soon where you can manually trigger a sync in an individual item.