You can access the Design settings for ActionFeed by clicking on the Design link in the header menu.

There are two templates you can modify:

  • Shopify Order
  • Shopify Product

Shopify Order Template

This template is the default template used to display recent order notifications.

Shopify Product Template

This template is the default template used to display product notifications.

Changing the message

The following variables are available with this template:

  • {{ name }} – Full name of the customer (if available)
  • {{ first_name }} – First name of the customer
  • {{ last_name }} – Last name of the customer
  • {{ full_initials }} – Just the first and last initials of the customer
  • {{ last_initial }} – Just the last initial of the customer
  • {{ location }} – Full location of the customer (city, province, and country)
  • {{ city }} – City of the customer
  • {{ province }} – Province or state of the customer
  • {{ product }} – Product’s title
  • {{ url }} – Direct link to the product page

With these variables, you can customize the message that’s displayed on the order notifications. For example, if you wanted to create the following:

Jane from Toronto, Ontario bought A Great T-Shirt

… this would be the message setting:

{{ first_name }} from {{ city }}, {{ province }} bought {{ product }}

Note that the above variables are primarily used for the Shopify Order Template. For the Shopify Product Template, many of these variables are NOT available. Only the {{ product }} variable is available.

Colours & Font Size

You can modify the background colour and foreground text colour as well. The text size also controls the size of the font.

Timestamp options

For orders, you can enable the display of the timestamp. ActionFeed will automatically convert the timestamp into a user friendly timestamp. For example, if the order happened about 5 minutes ago, instead of displaying January 1, 2019 at 11:00 PM, the system will display “About 5 minutes ago”.

You can translate the text of this by clicking on Edit translations at the very bottom of the settings.

Image position

You can modify the position of the image to be either on the left (the default) or right hand side.

Placeholder image

If the order or product that’s displayed in the notification does not have an image itself, by default ActionFeed will show a gray box. You can change this to another default image by uploading one here.