You can install the app by clicking on the button below:

Enter your Shopify domain into the input, and click Install. If you’re already logged into your Shopify store, you’ll be redirected to a page that asks you to give ActionFeed permission to access to shop’s data.

If you’re not already logged in, you will need to sign in first. You may need to restart the installation process as sometimes Shopify doesn’t redirect to the proper application installation page after logging in.

Data we need access to and why

ActionFeed will need to access several data areas:


ActionFeed automatically synchronizes with your shop’s new orders, as well as old orders when you update them. This information is used to generate the notification popups.


Product information is synchronized so that product images are updated properly. Currently ActionFeed does not synchronize product titles to existing orders.

Shop details

We synchronize your shop’s information (eg. your domain name, timezone) to help make the information we present in both the notification popups and in the dashboard more meaningful.

Ability to modify your theme & add JavaScript

Out of the box, ActionFeed does not modify your theme except by adding a JavaScript code to load the application.

Reading and writing marketing events

Not yet available, ActionFeed will soon be able to add relevant attribution information (eg. when a customer clicks on a popup) as part of your Shopify dashboard analytics. This will enable a fuller and in-depth view for you to analyze what products your customers are interested in.

What happens after I install the application?

Upon installation, ActionFeed will automatically synchronize your order and product information and will create popups related to them.

ActionFeed will also automatically install the JavaScript loader code into your shop.

You will be on ActionFeed’s FREE plan to start, which will enable you to display 5 unique notifications at a time. By default, these 5 notifications will loop over and over again.