Add social proof to your Shopify store

Psst… Here’s what a notification looks like!

Why do I need social proof?

Social proof helps potential customers recognize that you’re an active and trusted business, by seeing that other customers have also recently bought from you. This is the same reason why we look for online reviews when we go shopping. We want to make sure that we’re dealing with a legitimate vendor.

How much does it cost?

ActionFeed starts at $6 per month. You can view our full pricing details on our app listing page.

Is it hard to install?

You can install ActionFeed in a matter of seconds. Go to our Installation Page, enter your domain, and you’re there.

Can I customize how it looks?

Yes, you can customize the colour, font size, and pretty much anything you’d like. 

Ready to start?

Our plan is $6 per month. Start Your Free 3-Day Trial Today.